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Food, Wine and Cooking Retreats in Tuscany

Join us in a beautiful and undiscovered corner of Tuscany for an immersive and intimate journey into the finest and most authentic Italian food and drink. Come behind the scenes of Italian gastronomy, and against a stunning Tuscan backdrop spend time with cooks, winemakers, fishermen, olive farmers, cheese producers, gelato masters and much more. 

Our focus is on personal cooking instruction from an experienced chef and pasta maker, and experiential, authentic tours that go behind the scenes at responsible small-scale producers. We believe in sustainable food and drink production that works in harmony with our environment; we introduce our guests to producers who not only make magnificent food, but who respect nature, innovate with green energy, and put quality and integrity above profit margins. 

Take a look at the sample itinerary and accommodation for our 3 or 6 night retreats HERE, and view the different dates on offer in our SHOP

You’ll be taken on a memorable foodie journey through vineyards, cheesemakers, honey and rice producers and much more. Learn to cook wonderful Italian fresh pasta and risotto, float on a fishing boat on the mediterranean and dine al fresco on delicious feasts in medieval Tuscan village squares. 

One or Half Day Experiences

We also offer a range of memorable shorter Tuscan food and wine experiences for those who are just passing through or staying in the area, and want to have a one-off Cook Eat Discover adventure. 

We welcome guests for a cooking experiences in the morning or afternoon, where we will prepare lunch or dinner together. The session can be a masterclass in fresh pasta making, wood-fired pizza, or risotto, using excellent seasonal and local ingredients. We will prepare a classic tiramisu together for dessert, and there will also be an antipasto starter and local wine included! For afternoon sessions, we can also include a tour and tasting at a local biodynamic winery before the cooking class, with transport included. 

These are our basic shorter experience offerings. Bespoke one day or half day experiences can also be organised involving any of the classes and experiences from our itineraries - please take a look at our 4 and 7 day courses to see the full range of options - https://www.cookeatdiscover.com/sample-itinerary

Please get in contact for prices and date options for our one or half day experiences - info@cookeatdiscover.com

A week in Tuscany - Itinerary & Accommodation


One half the of the Cook Eat Discover team, Oli, is an experienced chef and trained pasta maker who will walk you through a carefully selected repertoire of dishes and share the secrets and skills you need to create vibrant and authentic Italian cuisine. These cookery lessons will form part of a varied and exciting itinerary of Italian food experiences, including demos, tours and activities. 

We are passionate about connecting people with the source of their food, emphasising the importance of respecting ingredients and the environment that creates them. Our bespoke tour of the region's producers showcases those who treat food with love and patience, and do things in harmony with nature. 


We aim to inspire and empower food lovers who are passionate about Italian gastronomy, giving them unique access to the people, stories and time-honoured methods behind the dishes and ingredients. 

You will be accommodated in beautiful poolside apartments, high above the southern Tuscan Maremma plain, in the medieval village of Roccatederighi. (Pool open from June to September).   

Come and cook, eat and discover with friends and family, or on your own to meet like-minded food lovers. We are waiting for you here in beautiful Tuscany.