Team Cook Eat Discover!

Oli and Flo are the couple behind Cook Eat Discover. Oli is an experienced chef and pasta maker and Flo is an events organiser from London. They have combined their skills to try to create immersive, behind the scenes cooking and food adventures for those fascinated by Italian gastronomy. 

Growing up, Oli spent his summers the Italian Maremma region, and after a range of chef work in the UK, he went on to move to Tuscany to further develop his skills and passion for the region's culinary traditions. He has also trained as a 'sfoglino' or artisan pasta maker, and is excited to share his love for and knowledge of Italian food with you. Oli leads intimate cooking demonstrations for our guests on the holidays. Flo's family hail from Provence in France so she also has Mediterranean food in her blood. She has a wealth of experience in immersive dining events and hospitality, and relishes transferring her skills to such a beautiful setting.

They both believe passionately in a sustainable, artisanal and organic approach to food production, and the itinerary reflects this. We want to showcase those who believe in doing things in harmony with our environment, those who produce the highest quality ingredients, and those who innovate with green energy.

Through Cook Eat Discover, Flo and Oli aim to leave a mark on visitors' lives - providing skills and insight from a country in which food, and how it should be created and eaten is an art and an obsession.