La Maremma: A Tuscan Foodie Paradise



The Maremma is the southern most coastal region of Tuscany. While the likes of Siena and Florence are easily accessible from the Maremma, it's a hidden gem that's relatively undiscovered compared to the well beaten tourist trails of central Tuscany. Its incredible natural beauty and medieval hill villages provide an untouched and authentic land perfect for food exploration. Things are done the old ways here, and you will find some of the finest food in the country. 

We are based in the beautiful village of Roccatederighi, which is carved into the rocks over 500 metres above the plains. It teeters impossibly above the flatlands and from up here you can see the islands of Giglio, Elba, or even Corsica on a clear day.

Getting Here

On check in and check out days, we provide transport between the nearest major train station, Grosseto, and the apartments. We will pick you up from/drop you off at Grosseto on check in/check out days. At times we have to group guests together into collective pick up times - we generally do two separate pick ups on check in day.  

Fast trains get you from Pisa Central to Grosseto in 75 mins, and around 100 minutes from Rome's main city station. If you want to drive to us, we can recommend car hire companies and provide detailed directions. We do not provide private transfers from airports, but we are happy to assist you arranging them. Go to for train schedules.

The undisturbed wilds of Maremma produce extremely fine ingredients and dishes. Stuffed pasta, cured meats, honey, wild boar, hearty soups and chestnuts are some local specialities. The Maremmana cow is famed around the country for its steaks, the freshest fish and seafood comes out of the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea, while we're blessed with excellent wine, olive oil and cheese producers. Tuscany's other famous gastronomic centres are not far away either - the pecorino of Pienza, the Brunello wine of Montalcino, and the Panforte of Siena.

You will have the opportunity to taste and experience the production of many of these wonderful foods, as well as learning to cook the dishes that will stay with you forever.