Chef-led gastronomy & cooking retreats in Tuscany. Pop up workshops and pasta masterclasses in London.

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A Gastronomic Holiday to Remember

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What We Do: Food holidays in Tuscany

Food, Wine and Cooking Retreats in Tuscany

What We Do: Pasta workshops in London

Italian Cooking Workshops, Artisan Pasta Masterclasses, Pop-up Dinners

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Itinerary and Accommodation

4 Day | Fresh Pasta Making and Italian Gastronomy Retreat

Italy | October 16 - 19 2021
$1,000 Per Person
3 nights

An immersive four day gastronomical adventure in beautiful Tuscany.

7 Day | Tuscan Gastronomy and Cooking Retreat

Italy | September 29 - October 5 2021
$1,933 Per Person
6 nights

An intimate and immersive 7 day gastronomic retreat deep in the...

Where We Are: A Tuscan Foodie Paradise

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